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  • Authentic Sessions, Positive Experience, and Jay's Knowledge and Professionalism

    "My sessions feel authentic and can 'feel' the energy work, it's relaxing for me, and he is very focused on helping me reach my goals. I'd recommend Jay to others, because of my positive personal experience and his knowledge and professionalism."

  • The Sessions Were Custom-Tailored for Me

    "Jay’s energy is very intuitive and connected to the universal force. In my experience with Jay, I felt that my healing sessions were custom-tailored for me."

  • It actually works!

    The most surprising thing about my experience with Pranic Healing has been the realization that it actually works!

  • Jay's Reputation

    "The reason I chose to work with Jay was that he is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and he came highly recommended."

  • Permanent Improvement

    "The benefits I gained from our sessions five years ago are still profound in my life today. I think that it is safe to say that healing with Jay brings permanent improvement to one’s being."

  • He Deeply Cares

    "I like how present Jay is [during the healing sessions] and I could tell he deeply cares. That means a lot."

  • Transformative Healing

    "Dear Jay, the healing on March 11 [2021] was transformative. My hands have excellent function, I feel very strong."

  • A Very Real Change

    "I felt a real, palpable transformation take place. He remotely cleared my energetic blockages, freed up space for my creativity to flow again, and helped me move into a completely new state of being. It was a very real change."

  • Every Session Has Been Impactful

    "Every healing session has been impactful and has made a noticeable difference for me."