Portland, Oregon, USA 
Session Timeframe: June 2023 - present 
Session Type: In-Person

"I found Jay through a friend of mine. I reached out to him because a close family member had passed, and I wanted to work through my grief and family issues. The reason I chose to work with him was that he is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and he came highly recommended.

My sessions with him have been positive, I feel they are authentic and can "feel" the energy work, it's relaxing for me, and he is very focused on helping me reach my goals. I have felt an energy shift and Jay was available if I had any questions. I have a couple more sessions left and I definitely feel some of my goals have been accomplished.

I would work again with Jay and recommend him to others, because of my positive personal experience and his knowledge and professionalism."


Orange, California, USA 
Session Timeframe: January 2019 - present 
Session Type: Remote

“Jay is a spectacular guide and conduit for Pranic Healing. I met with him before my session and was given very clear guidance around goal-setting and how to measure the results of my session. I then gave Jay a few general areas that I’d been struggling to work through (fear of moving forward with new professional ventures & an inability to let go of some old baggage).

Then, all I had to do was stay open. Jay did the rest.

Over the course of the next few days, I felt a real, palpable transformation take place. He remotely cleared my energetic blockages, freed up space for my creativity to flow again, and helped me move into a completely new state of being. Within 24 hours of my second session, I had written a business plan, filed my corporation with the state, signed up a new client, and defined my path to a healthier me. Like I said, it was a VERY real change. Imagine feeling like you were chained to the past, then suddenly, someone set you free and allowed you to chase your dreams. Yeah, it was that great.

Let me put it simply - if you’re considering energetic healing at all, there’s a reason you’re here. Spend some time with Jay and see what’s possible for your own state of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.”


Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
Session Timeframe: January 2019 - present 
Session Type: In-Person & Remote

"I have worked with Jay on a variety of health issues, life struggles, and general guidance for about 5 years now. He can sense my energies before I even tell him what my issues are.  Jay can quickly scan me and identify what is lacking or crowding my energies. I am beyond satisfied with his work. We usually do multiple sessions where he proactively measures my progress. He keeps me posted about what he is working on and gives me clear and simple instructions on my role. 

I came to our first session a bit skeptical, yet receptive to the idea of Pranic Healing. My life and my health at that time were in pretty good shape besides some very mild throat discomfort. I didn’t even mention my throat issue to Jay because it was not all that bothersome to me. He was able to identify my throat issue within the first 5 minutes. Long story short, that is how we started working on my throat chakra. 

Jay’s energy is very intuitive and connected to the universal force. In my experience with Jay, I felt that my healing sessions were custom-tailored for me. I struggled with the concept of self in relation to my romantic partnerships. He pointed out to my imbalances and helped me identify my issues. He did this by clearing/pulling out old cords that were keeping me stuck. As a result, I am more tuned in with my own needs, I communicate better, and my confidence is up. I also want to note that the benefits I gained from our sessions five years ago are still profound in my life today. I think that it is safe to say that healing with Jay brings permanent improvement to one’s being.  

Our sessions were late in the evenings, which was very convenient for me. I could just be in my bed and relax while he was working on my energy space. I appreciate that he would show me his notes on what came across while he was practicing. One must be open to the Pranic Healing, but it is one of the the least invasive and most effective forms of holistic healing. I recommend Jay to anyone who is looking to grow, evolve, and heal."


Long Beach, California, USA
Session Timeframe: September 2017 - March 2023 
Session Type: In-Person & Remote

"Jay and I had been friends for a few years when I witnessed him completely immerse himself into energy healing. His passion and enthusiasm about it woke up my curiosity and Jay allowed me to be part of his learning experience.  

I lean more towards skepticism, but I am also inclined to trying new approaches. Therefore, although skeptical, Jay helped me have an open mind to the experience of energy healing.

What made me decide to work with him was our deep-rooted friendship, but also Jay’s visible change in his worldview that made me feel very comfortable to give it a try.

One experience, in 2017, related to a toothache, was nothing short of a miracle. Many other sessions helped me stay afloat while going through a very difficult time in my life with my mental health.

Expectations are something I strive to set aside, but Jay’s work has shown me there’s more to life than what we can physically contemplate.

A few things about the Pranic Healing sessions that I enjoyed and found valuable were the human connection on a deeper level, feeling a sense of inner peace and kindness, and being able to experience a world beyond what we can see.

The most surprising thing about my experience with Pranic Healing was the previously mentioned toothache experience of 2017, where the pain completely disappeared and to this day I can’t grasp how that is even possible.

I personally am open to working with Jay again. I would recommend that others would be, at the very least, open-minded enough to experience it."